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As stay at home orders are lifted around the U.S., businesses have an obligation to adhere to safety measures and adjust them based on changing guidelines and COVID-19 transmission in their communities.

If you are an employee returning to work during this time, your employer must abide by protocols published by the CDC to keep you and your fellow employees safe. The following questions will help you evaluate your workplace for overall safety as well as its compliance with government guidelines.


Are Safety Protocols in Place?

To be in compliance with CDC protocols, your employer should implement the following recommendations:


Are You Being Screened and Monitored for COVID-19?

Your employer should also take precautions to screen and monitor employees for signs of COVID-19. The following guidelines help keep employees safe and informed:


Are Your Interactions with Third Parties Being Monitored?

Your employer is obligated to not only address safety concerns for their own employees but consider the safety of third-party visitors as well. Third-party vendors, as well as any other visitors, should be aware of your company’s COVID-19 policies and follow them while in the facility.

Employers are currently tasked with taking measures to reduce transmission among employees, foster a healthy work environment, and maintain safe business operations. If you are concerned that your employer is not taking precautions to ensure your health and safety, please contact Gokal Law at 949-753-9100.

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