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All too often, employees find themselves in a situation where their employers have taken advantage of their time and rights protected by the state of California.


In one recent case, the attorneys of Gokal Law Group Inc. fight to protect the rights of California employees who are subject to unjust or unlawful work situations.


Recently, Gokal Law partner, Jibit Cinar, represented two workers, who found both their human rights, and rights as an employee were being violated by their employers. And while they relied on the income from their employment, they were forced to quit their jobs because of the unfortunate circumstances they found themselves in – to no fault of their own.


The workers were both working as in-home nannies. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the employers (i.e., the parents) forced our clients to work round-the-clock, and pay them a flat amount, in cash, each week. The first issue we discovered here is our clients should have been paid as hourly employees, entitled to overtime and double time under the circumstances described. This mishandling of their employment status resulted in a loss of income for our clients.


These were not the only rights violated during their employment; one of our clients was a victim of sexual harassment. Over a period of 3-4 months, her male employer began inappropriately touching one of our clients, creating a hostile work environment. Both workers could simply no longer work under those circumstances. The situation was so hostile that they were essentially forced to quit, giving up their income and financial stability.


Fortunately, we were able to find some resolve for our clients. The employers wanted to resolve the matter prior to any litigation being filed. Our attorneys successfully obtained a $325,000.00 settlement during pre-litigation mediation. Our drive to win cases like this one begins with our passion for our clients, and it is our pledge to them that we will relentlessly advocate for their rights. If you believe your employer could be violating your rights, contact one of our attorneys at (949) 753-9100.