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During our children’s developmental years, we choose pre-school programs that will help our children learn social interactions and prepare for their school years ahead. We trust the teachers and administrators of those programs to not only teach and guide our children, but also protect and care for them.


However, some teachers and schools break this trust. Recently, one pre-school in Lake Forest, California not only failed to ensure the safety and care of children, but also horrifically emotionally abused them.


Alison Gokal and the attorneys at Gokal Law Group specialize in personal injury law. Often, this takes the form of accidents, product defects, and wrongful death cases, but not all injuries are physical. Recently, our attorneys fought for the rights of pre-school children who were subjected to systematic, psychologically abuse at the hands of their teacher.


Our attorneys worked closely with social services to uncover what was happening at the school. Social services launched a full investigation, finding the children were ridiculed in front of the class, called names, and placed in “time-outs” for hours. The investigation brought to light numerous violations and instances of abuse.


Based on social services findings, we were able to find justice for these young victims. The settlement funds were allocated to providing much needed therapy for the children. Ultimately, the school was held accountable for their actions and implemented changes to ensure no other children would ever be abused.


The abuse that took place in this school was unimaginable, but unfortunately, is a reality for many victims. By reaching a settlement, we were able to bring some closure to the situation and prevent any more children from going through this experience at the school.


If you or someone you know have experienced a similar situation or were the victim of a personal injury, Alison Gokal and the attorneys at Gokal Law Group can help. Contact us at (949) 753-9100.